A Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Spring is on its way so decided to get ourselves down to the farmers market last week, hoping to get our hands on some of the last seasonal goodies to be had. And we weren’t disappointed, we managed to pick up some duck and pheasant, as well as some amazing locally smoked pancetta and lovely wild mushrooms.

We couldn’t wait to get back to the kitchen to try out some recipes and ideas to put on to next year’s autumn/winter menu. And here are the results…




First up is a lovely vibrant starter of duck breast, plum sauce and apricot puree with Japanese marinated wild mushrooms. We kept the plums natural and alongside the sharpness of the mushrooms it all cut through the richness of the duck nicely.




Secondly is an earthy rustic mains dish of pancetta wrapped pheasant, wild mushroom ragu and kale. The whole team agreed this would be great with our Dauphinoise potatoes and just as delicious with a juicy chicken breast.

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