St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day!

It’s St Patricks day today! The one day of the year when everyone around the world enjoys a pint or two (or more!!) of the old black gold. We’re getting into the spirit here as well, and there’s no better way to get yourself ready for the celebrations than a good old fashioned Irish stew.

Rustic and hearty, slowly cooked for hours the beef will just fall apart and create a drop, rich gravy ready to soaked up with some crusty bread and mashed potatoes, below is our recipe.


Our Old Fashion Irish Stew

2tbsp oil
1kg of stewing beef
1 onion- finely chopped
10 carrots- finely chopped
500ml of Guinness
1 beef stock pot
Pinch of sugar
Thyme sprig
20 chestnut mushrooms
20 baby carrots
Bunch of parlsey

  1. Brown off the meat in a heavy casserole dish, once golden set aside
  2. Sweat the finely chopped veg in the same casserole dish until soft
  3. Add the meat back to the pan with the thyme and Guinness, add enough water to cover everything if needed.
  4. Bring to the boil and add the sugar and season with salt and pepper, stir in the stock pot and lower to a simmer
  5. Simmer for two and a half to three hours or until meat is starting to fall apart
  6. Then add the mushrooms and baby carrots and continue cooking until veg is tender and finish with the parsley

Happy St Patricks to you all!!!

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