Wine for the Weekend!

Our head sommelier, Mike Sutton, has a small selection of wines he thinks would be perfect for the all-important home cooked meal this weekend.

For red wine lovers

oyster bay pinot noirOyster Bay, Pinot Noir

£11.19 from Tesco

Marlborough Pinot Noir is a personal favourite of our head sommeliers, truly one of the most robust grape varieties in the new world. Mike would make a rather uncouth suggestion of drinking this with steak. He suggests “Let the low tanning of this wine complement the steak rather than matching it with a conventionally really heavily spiced wine, for example a Shiraz or Merlot. When paired with heavily spiced wine the flavours fight each other, this beautifully soft and light Pinot Noir will emphasise the steak.” The other great thing with such a forgiving wine such as Pinot Noir is it can be drank just below room temperature, sometimes even chilled briefly.


For white wine lovers

 Cave de Buxy, Montagny Premer Cru Les Coreres- ChablisCave de Buxy, Montagny Premier Cru Les Corères

£14.99 from Waitrose

This Chablis Premier Cru, is outstanding, amongst the driest of the Chardonnay family. It is extremely versatile and at below £15 a bottle it doesn’t break the bank.  Great for fresh green salads and white meat, why not try something different and have this with lightly fried pork medallion.




For… well… lovers

sorso prosecco docSorso, Prosecco DOC

£10.49 from Morrisons

This medium sweet Prosecco is great for sharing, crack open a bottle of this before you even start to eat: the ultimate palate cleanser. Soft subtle peaches balanced with citrus fruit. The quality of this wine is even displayed in its name. Did you know the DOC in its name is an Italian government grading system given to each wine, to define its quality. Wines found without either DOC or DOCG can be good but wines with DOC stamped on them (normally on a white strip of paper found on the neck of the bottle) are classified as great bottles of wine and wines found with DOCG on them… well… in the Italian governments eyes, they don’t get any better than that.

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